Local Writers Reading Original Works

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 Next Show: TBA 
April 10th Wrap-Up:Another stellar show with an all male readership. Thank you Tim, Marty, Cody, Jonathan and Brian for going the distance with some very nice reads. We finished with some short reads by Michael R. Wright, Erick J. Romano and first timer Brian Cole. Our small, but appreciative audience, heard one of the finest and tightest shows in the almost three year history of Authors in Pubs.
*Notice* Due to a change in management, we will no longer be having a show at The Jack London. Stay tuned to see if we move to a new local.

Here was the lineup for April 10th:
Tim Bowen
Marty Beaudet
Cody Newton
Jonathan Ems
Brian Boggess
Michael R. Wright
Erik J Romano
Brian Cole
In the future, Authors in Pubs may be presenting new authors to Portland. Join Us!                                                                      
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