by Shawna Reppert   I have often bemoaned to my indie friends how much easier they had it…they could play bars and introduce new audiences to their music! So you can imagine how excited I was to be afforded the same opportunity. In this day and age, the publishing industry is locked up by a few big houses that all to often want to see something just like what’s sold in the past. The feedback I’ve gotten from agents and editors too often is: we love your writing/characters/plot but we’re just not sure this is commercial enough. It’s hard for anyone who hasn’t made it with big publishers to find an audience, and it’s hard to sell to big publishers without proving you have an audience. Anything that can help the new/aspiring/indie writers to break the cycle is a great boon to the world of fiction.

by Jennifer Willis  I have twice participated in Don Van Kirk’s Authors in Pubs. As an independent author, I’ve not only had the opportunity to reach a new audience through these evenings, but I’ve also been given the chance to refine my own voice and to simply gain confidence in giving public readings. The monthly program provides the means for connecting one-on-one with readers and to network with other area writers. Writers are frequently way too reticent and self-isolating, and these evenings give us a chance to really talk to our readers and to support each other at the same time.

by Laura Hippensteel The Authors in Pubs event yesterday, August 6, was the first of its kind that I had experienced as an artist. I was invited to display my work at the evening’s festivities through Don Van Kirk, after meeting him at the Mississippi Street fair a few weeks prior. Having been unfamiliar with the event, and even never having visited the Jack London Bar, I was apprehensive to the crowd and reception I would receive while displaying some of my work. While I have tried to show my paintings in more obvious artist settings, I have met several interested people but have not had success in sales. The Authors in Pubs event, though, provided me with the most art sales at one event all year. I met several talented people, had the opportunity to listen to many wonderful authors, and witnessed a community of creative supporters unlike any other I’ve seen in the Portland area so far. It was an amazing opportunity for people to overcome their fears, receive some great feedback, and network with like-minded individuals.For me, the experience of selling my work and listening to authors was a unique and incomparable combination that harbored the widest variety of people in the most unlikely of settings. It is well deserving of publicity, funding and the utmost respect in the world of underground creatives and I look forward to future months of artist/author exposure through the Authors in Pubs event.

by Grant Keltner  I believe Authors in Pubs has helped numerous writers ‘Come out of the dark’ in letting their stories be told. Don Van Kirk has been instrumental in keeping the door open in letting local writers know of Authors in Pubs. Authors in Pubs has helped younger writers be heard. I believe it’s given other writers confidence. Many published writers and authors have read new material, using the venue in testing new ideas and stories. I have nothing but good things to say about the group, Authors in Pubs.

by Elisabeth Flaum. How’s this for a cool event? A bunch of authors gather over drinks and read their stuff. A bit self-indulgent, perhaps, but the audience does not seem to mind. Did I mention drinks? What a great concept! In addition to the dozen or so authors, there is a great band playing and a jewelry and yarn artist displaying her wares. A good opportunity for all kinds. (artist changes every month)
If you happen to have come here from there, first of all, thanks! that’s brilliant! and second of all, here are links to the stuff you heard last night. (9-3-12)



If you didn’t come to the September show, perhaps you should check it out next month. Every ‘First Monday’.
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