Authors in Pubs: A ‘Second Thursday’ event that brings local writers into a bar, restaurant, or wherever and allows them to share their work with the patrons. This helps boost the confidence of the writer by getting first hand feedback on his/her work. It’s all about the ‘Little Guy’, the ‘Underdog’, and the writer that needs some encouragement. We have outgrown four venues as the crowds have steadily grown. The show runs about two hours and we invite you to show up early and stay after to talk with the writers or possibly buy their book. If you would like to contribute at a future event, please contact me in advance about being added to our current stable of writers.

Biography: Joe Justice and Don Van Kirk created Authors in Pubs, originally called Poets in Pubs, in August of 2011. Joe could not sell his self published book; “Sea Stories and Fairy Tales”, so we stood up in the corner of a bar and read a couple of tales. We sold five books that evening. Two weeks later, in September, we did an hour long show with three authors. Lots of talented people have stepped up and helped along the way and I thank them deeply. We usually have eight to twelve authors speaking, with a guest artist/painter showing their work during the intermission. Just when you thought you were getting a lot of entertainment for free, we have added music. Hear rotating musicians play before and during the show as some authors read.

If you go looking for Joe or Don, try the Nob Hill Bar & Grill @ NW 23rd/Lovejoy, Portland, Oregon. Joe has a black dog named Beauregard, and everybody calls me Uncle Don.

Contact Info: Hosted by; Don Van Kirk; dvk2u@earthlink.net                                              Event phone – 503-739-5411                                                                                                            Facebook, Yelp & Portlandwiki as – Authors in Pubs                                                                  Video at: http://www.kgw.com/thesquare/pdx-tonight-authors-in-pubs-185963161.html


*Authors in Pubs* is a subsidiary of Uncle Don International. All Rights Reserved.

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