Artist Bios

George Woodcock is an 83-year-old fine art painter that is full of life. He has his own art studio and gallery in Multnomah Village, a small community of Portland, Oregon. He also teaches art and has an excellent way of explaining things. He and his wife Marie, also an artist, are the proud parents of Suzanne Bonamici, the newest US Congresswoman from District One in Portland, Oregon. Contact him at: 503-244-1284

Michael R. Wright is a painter living in SW Portland. He is a dedicated artist with a unique style. Look for him to return to Authors in Pubs in the future. His girlfriend, Crysta Bhellky, is also an artist and sculptor. Look for her to show at a future date.

Jen Clark came to an Authors in Pubs event and showed me her prints. It took all of 30 seconds for me to decide I wanted her to present at the next show. A young and shy artist, she sold five pieces. I got a big hug and then she said she was moving to Arizona. I hope to see her back in the Northwest someday at another Authors in Pubs event.

Laura Hippensteel is a painter, writer and just plain talented person. (see her review under ‘testimonials’). We met briefly at the Mississippi Street Fair in North Portland, and I liked her work. She presented her art at the August 2012 show, and sold more art than she had at any other show. Stay tuned to Authors in Pubs, because she will be back. Contact her at:

Eden Scheans came recommended by author Jennifer Willis. She and her assistant brought both jewelry and a spinning wheel, where she spun raw wool into yarn. The audience that night thought she was pretty cool, and so do I.

Tara Williams was working as a bartender in Multnomah Village when we met. I always felt there was more to her than slinging drinks and I was right. I visited her art show in Portland’s Pearl District, and it was stunning. Her fine art paintings have a twist to them and I found myself wanting to know more. Her current goal is to finish her degree in Marine Biology and someday write and illustrate her own book. I very multifaceted young lady indeed.

Brienne Ashmore Van-deWay has a jewelry line that is described as: “True showstoppers; it’s a matter of proportions in the creation and architecture of bold statement pieces that command attention from across a ballroom floor, conference table or the grocery store. Statement made!” View her work at:

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