Author Bios

Don Van Kirk likes to pester people by talking in a voice that is part ‘Chef Boyardee’ and New Jersey ‘wise guy’. He tells long-winded stories and jokes that aren’t funny. People that meet him for the first time, buy him drinks in the hope that he will forget their names. When entering a room, he is usually greeted warmly with a; ” Oh No ! , It’s you again” . However, Don is not a quitter. No matter how many times you walk away from him, he will follow you and continue to talk about himself. To meet Don, just ask any bartender in town; “Have you seen Uncle Don today?” blog site:

Jon J. Justice, (aka Joe), is a world traveler who spent 42 years as a merchant seaman. He and his self-published book, ‘Sea Stories and Fairy Tales’, can be found on NW 23rd Ave., in Portland. Look for a guy drinking ‘Iced Tea’, sitting with a black ‘coon hound’ named Beauregard.  Stay tuned to Authors in Pubs for his next appearance.

Grant Keltner is a photographer, writer, artist & humorist. Influenced by the ‘Southern Authors’, he enjoys film, film noir, comedy and drama. His work can be found at:

Jonathan Ems likes the sound of his own voice and like anyone else he says; “Sometimes I just blurt shit out !”. If he could have his own religion, it would be called ‘Batman’. His book, ‘Obviously, I Anticipated This….’, can be found on Amazon books. His new science fiction novella, ‘Modus Operandi’, well be available soon. Visit his web site at:

Dan Leahy wrote a book called ‘Bus Fare’, with illustrations by JD Ross Leahy and Charles Leahy. It’s a tale of taking public transit from Olympia to Los Angeles. WOW !!, I took a two bus transfer to SE Portland the other day and thought I was doing great.

Bethany Weidner has a novel in progress with a working title, ‘What You Don’t Know’. It’s a murder/mystery set in Israel/Palestine during 2005-07. We welcome her to the group as our first lady author.

Kehl Van Horn has a literary background that goes back four generations. His latest story, ‘Boomer Boys’, had everybody rolling with laughter and I heard he got orders for ten copies. Also via the ‘grapevine’, there may be more stories soon. Stay tuned.

Michael Vincent Pagano is from Ohio where he studied Creative Writing at the University of Cincinnati. Funny, smart and a quick wit, this guy will make you smile. He can also throw a football quite well.

Jim Braly worked as a copy editor and reporter for newspapers in California and Oregon, including the San Jose Mercury News and the Oregonian. He left the Oregonian in 2009 and began writing “Johnny’s War,” which took about two years to finish. Back in 1968, Jim read “Johnny Got His Gun” by Dalton Trumbo, and that novel stuck in his head all these years. So in a way, Jim’s “Johnny” is a descendant of Dalton’s “Johnny,” but the story is updated for 21st century warfare.

Danielle D.M. Gembala is a stay-at-home mother, archaeologist, contract collections manager for museums, and a speculative fiction short-story author. Her first short story ‘The Dorsal Wake’ will be out in Redstone Science Fiction, a science-fiction magazine sometime later this year.

Patrick Hoyer is a Portland State graduate who has worked in fine dinning restaurants as a sous chef. He is currently tending bar in NW Portland and works as a Ninja at night.

Mark Bosnian just published a book called ‘Sing Free Now! 3 Steps To Power, Passion and Confidence’. His message is that EVERYONE can use their voice (speaking and singing) with confidence as an expression of their authentic

Nancy McKnight studied creative writing in high school and has been actively writing since her teens. She has a poetry/musical style that is very flowing. She is currently tending bar and taking care of her family.

Brook Gerity-Miles comes from a family background of published authors. She was the inspiration for the story, ‘Mama Meets The Boomer Boys’ by Kehl Van Horn, who just happens to be her son.

Cody Newton was recently released from a two-year stint at the University of Oregon where he received a degree in Journalism. He now plans to forget everything he was taught and pursue a career in fiction writing. He’s a barista, a journalist, and above all, a writer—at least when he’s not being distracted by beer and his giant box of Lego’s. His work can be found at

Taylor Adell Patterson is a sailor, poet and writer. She has been writing on and off for years and has now gained the courage and faith to share her writing. She would like to thank Gabriel Felton, Jonathan Ems and Grant Keltner.

Melina Holl is a writer, mother and self-proclaimed ‘Drama Queen’. I discovered her writing on Yelp as she reviewed restaurants and such. She also has a creative writing side and is now sharing her work with Authors in Pubs.

Jennifer Willis is an author, essayist and journalist based in Portland. Her non-fiction work has appeared in the Oregonian, Christian Science Monitor,, and other print and online publications at home and across the globe. In fiction, she focuses on urban fantasy and playful mayhem.

Shawna Reppert has sold several stories to e-zines and has won two Honorable Mentions in the Writers of the Future contest. Her first steampunk story is due out in January 2013 and her indie publication is available on Amazon. Shawn’a debut novel, The Stolen Luck, was published by Carina Press in May of this year. It has won a Silver Medal in the other worlds fantasy category in the Global Ebooks Awards.

Richard David Bach is a published author. His book’ Common Enemy’ can be found on his website as an e-book. He is a recovering lawyer, and political junkie. Contact him:

Bob Ferguson has written a book with humor bordering on hilarity and poignancy nearing a Greek tragedy. Follow him from pre-school through Vietnam in a series of engaging vignettes in his novel, “Some Days Chicken, Some Days Feathers”

John Miller was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. He moved to Portland in 2012 with his wife, bringing with him a trunk containing 70 pounds of paper which only she’s ever seen-and no one has ever read. His first reading will be from his latest novel in progress.

Adam Daugherty is from Arizona where his parents were in the military. Moving around a lot, he published his poetry anthology at 13, but has not returned to poetry since. After high school, the military and bouncing around the USA, he has now landed in Portland. He recently published his first novella titled ‘Noncents’.

Elisabeth Flaum is a new writer trying her hand at science fiction, and has so far been rejected by multiple well-known magazines. She also writes poetry on topics ranging from Mount Hood to Mars, with a touch of love and death thrown in. A sampling can be found at

Sean Walter is a Oregon EMT, born and raised in Gresham. He started writing for fun at age 9 and has been endeavoring to improve ever since, to some degree of success.

Young Leung lives in Vancouver, Washington where he is working on a 1630’s historical novel about China. He enjoys writing, gardening and scrabble. Hear his work at Authors in Pubs on September 3rd, 2012.

Karen Hagestad Cacy is a graduate of Portland State University. She also attended American University in Cairo and George Washington University. A former Washington D.C. cabinet level speechwriter and federal transportation lobbyist, she now lives in Portland, Oregon, where she is at work on her third novel, set in New York City’s ballet world.

Mike Ritchey is a retired newspaperman and now in his second year in the MFA Creative Writing program at PSU. He will be reading at Authors in Pubs in the future, and his stories are too good to miss.

Steve Ryan has a masters in social research w/undergrads in English and Economics. He wrote student essays, masters and doctoral theses for 18 months while serving as a minor appointed official in local government in rural southern Oregon. He has two self-published books on Amazon.

Brian Tashima is an author, musician and father. His debut self published novel; “Secret of the Songshell”, came out in July 2012. Find out more at:

Terry McLean is a 5th generation Oregon native. He is also a world traveler, and a North Sea ‘bastard’, with a history of bad decisions and uncommonly good luck. He is currently writing about his families immigration to Oregon in the 1840’s.

Dan Finnigan is a self proclaimed ‘rock artist’, funny guy and asshole. His first appearance at Authors in Pubs should be one for ‘the books’. I just hope we don’t get shut down for language abuse. He is also the inspiration for the story, “Cowboy Up’. You can read all about it at:

Erik J. Romano has spent 9 years in LA working in film and TV. He started playing with Jon DuFresne (Billy Rancher & The Unreal Gods), in 2005, and is working on a documentary of them. He has gigged and recorded with Young Jonny Guitar in LA and Portland from 2006-2011. He is currently writing a feature with skateboard legend Mike Vallely.
                                                                                                                                                        Teresa Jones is waging a war against cliché’. Her novella ‘Gorge’ was published July 1, 2012. She is currently working on a full length novel titled ‘The Problem’. Her three favorite words are, “Gin, two olives”.
                                                                                                                                                        John Yohe grew up in Michigan, and currently lives in Portland, Oregon. He has worked as a wildland firefighter, deckhand/oiler, runner/busboy, bike messenger, wilderness ranger, as well as a teacher of writing. He has lived in Mexico, Spain, France, and traveled to six continents. Find his work at:
Todd Brabander is an author, musician, and artist from Portland OR. His projects range in style from comedy, to absurdist, to horror, and usually have a Pacific Northwest flavor. His work aims to capture a twisted and often humorous view of the normal world. He has been in a few music groups, has written several books, made a couple films, and has publicly displayed visual art.

Matt Styner has been coming up with stories for as long as he can remember and has written everything else from song lyrics to stand up comedy. Currently he spends a lot of time writing and performing stand-up comedy all around Portland and in the Pacific Northwest. He also currently writes for Portland Stage Reviews. Follow him on twitter @Styner09 if you like his stuff. Matt would like to thank his Mom, his friends, and George Clooney for their endless love and support.


Jared J. Smith, aged twenty-three, is a pacific northwestern author with a Bachelors in English Literature & Writing. He has interned with Calyx Press and studied under Award-winning Northwest poets. He also occasionally operates as a freelancer for journals. In between novels, Jared’s online blog “Numbers” serves as a platform for prose, poetry, photography, and music. You can check out his work at:

Nate Courtney has been an animal lover and zoology enthusiast his entire life, as clearly seen in his poetry. He started with poetry at fifteen as a student of Robert Frost. He is a first generation Oregonian that is spiritually and emotionally influenced by his Cherokee Bloodline. His pen/stage name is: Nate Flying Owl

Danny McKeever has been writing and performing around the country, for ten years. His poetry has been commissioned for murals, dedications and memorials in the Chicagoland area. For the past nine years, he has been hired as a public speaker in high schools, sharing his fast rhythm and rhyme poetry with students while coordinating poetry festivals for emerging young artists. His life is a joy.

Jessica Dill is a poet, writer and photographer of all things of and not so of this world. A self proclaimed modern day hippie with old-fashioned values, she is attempting to bring back the curtsy along with a respect for manners and spread happy joking fun time to an otherwise disillusioned society. She is working on three projects simultaneously, in addition to working at Amtrak, spending quality time with her beloved cat Jeter, and dancing the night away. You might catch a glimpse of her riding around Portland on her french bicycle humming a daft punk tune…if you do, wave and say hi!.

Klipschutz (pen name of Kurt Lipschutz) is the author of This Drawn & Quartered Moon (Anvil Press, 2013).  A poet, songwriter and occasional freelance journalist, he was born in Indio, California and he has lived in San Francisco for thirty years, where he shares an apartment with his wife Colette Jappy and two cats. His work has appeared in periodicals in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Ireland and France, and numerous anthologies, as well as the previous collections Twilight of the Male Ego, The Good Neighbor Policy, and The Erection of Scaffolding for the Re-Painting of Heaven by the Lowest Bidder. He has co-penned over a hundred songs, chiefly with Chuck Prophet, including the recent Temple Beautiful. In 2006 his imprint Luddite Kingdom Press issued the limited edition collectible All Roads. . .But This One. Beyond high school, he is an autodidact.

Douglas Spangle arrived in Portland in 1978 after spending years in far-flung parts of the globe. Since then he has served the literary scene as emcee, editor, translator, reviewer, proofreader and radio host; he has in the process produced several chapbooks, among them Initial, Perseus Pursuing, 2 1/2 Bridges and August, and most recently, A White Concrete Day, Poems 1978-2013 from Gobshite Quarterly/Reprobate Press, from which he will be reading at Authors in Pubs.

Michael Berton is an educator, percussionist, world traveler and tequila aficionado. He has poems published in a variety of journals and reviews including Line Zero, Gertrude, Volt, Yellow Medicine Review, Pacific Review, Broken Word Anthology, Sin Fronteras Journal, Indefinite Space, And/Or and PQ Leer. He is the author of “Man You Script The Mic” (New Mitote Press).


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